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In light of the Covid-19 travel restrictions towards the UK, Belgian citizens should consult the travel advice IN DUTCH or IN FRENCH

In light of the Covid-19 travel restrictions towards Belgium do read the following communication from FPS Interior attentively:


Travelling to Belgium from abroad if you do not have Belgian nationality and you are resident of a country outside the EU and the Schengen Area and you are travelling to Belgium from countries NOT mentioned on the FPS Foreign Affairs website? Non-essential travel from these countries to Belgium is prohibited.

Always check the information before traveling - can change at very short notice and the Embassy is not always immediately aware and / or able to update this site.


  1. The mandatory Passenger Locator Form must always be filled in if you are travelling to Belgium.
  2. The traveller must carry the proof of introduction of the completed PLF with him/her throughout the journey to the final destination in Belgium and for the next 48 hours.
  3. Non-residents from the age of 12 must submit a negative test result. The test should be conducted at the earliest 72 hours before departure to Belgian territory.
  4. All stays in the red zone will now be considered high risk contacts. Any person (residents and non-residents) returning to Belgium after a stay in the red zone must therefore be placed in quarantine. The quarantine can only be terminated with a negative PCR test performed on the seventh day of quarantine.
  5. PCR test on return to Belgium, on the first and seventh day. If you are returning from a red zone you must be tested on the first day and on the seventh day of the quarantine.
  6. Travellers who only transit by air and who only enter the transit zone without entering Belgian territory do not have to present a negative test result either (!! information to be confirmed before traveling - could change at short notice !!) 

For any questions regarding the Passenger Locator Form, the COVID-19 test and the quarantine obligation in Belgium, travelers should check the website https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/ or contact the FPS Public Health

Their general information number when in Belgium: 0800 14 689

From abroad : +32 781 517 71


The Essential Travel Certificate (ETC)

Travelling to Belgium from abroad if you do not have Belgian nationality and you are resident of a country outside the EU and the Schengen Area and you are travelling to Belgium from countries NOT mentioned on the FPS Foreign Affairs website? Non-essential travel from these countries to Belgium is prohibited. Please consult the list at: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/travel_to_belgium.

The temporary travel restrictions do not apply to key workers or people travelling for compelling reasons. You can find these exceptions here https://dofi.ibz.be/sites/dvzoe/EN/Pages/Travel-to-Belgium.aspx

Useful info: A certificate of essential travel is not required if the essential character of the trip is evidenced by the documents in the possession of the traveler (e.g. seamen (seaman's book), transit passengers (plane ticket) diplomats (diplomatic passport), work permit, single permit, written appointment for a surgical intervention in hospital, written appointment to continue urgent medical treatment, ...

If necessary, the Embassy can issue an ETC, but will only do so if you have problems proving that it is an essential journey.


  1. Covid-19 – Can I travel from the UK to Belgium ?

From 1 January the UK will be subject to the recommendation of the Council regarding external travel restrictions, a system that only allows non-essential EU travel from a handful of non-EU countries. The countries which are currently on the exempt list typically have a very low number of Covid-19 cases, which is not the case in the UK. Therefore, if the UK does not get added to the exempt list, all non-essential travel from the UK to Belgium will not be allowed from 01/01/2021.

The three main websites where you can check the situation are https://www.info-coronavirus.be/nl/faq/ and https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl and https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/travel_to_belgium.

  1. Travel documents – Can I travel to the UK with an ID card ?

A valid passport or identity card (ID) is sufficient as a travel document in order to get access to UK territory, even after 31/12/2020. Until 30 September 2021, a Belgian identity card is sufficient to travel to the UK for a stay of less than 6 months. From 1 October 2021, a passport will be mandatory, even for short stays.

Please note that only holders of (pre-)settled status can continue to use their ID card to travel between the EU and the UK until 31 December 2025. For more information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/visiting-the-uk-after-brexit.

  1. Freight traffic from the EU to the UK  - What changes from 1 January 2021 ?

On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom will leave the European single market and the customs union. Consequently, from then onwards there will be border and customs controls on goods at every border crossing between the EU and the UK, in ports, airports, and at the Channel Tunnel. That will also be the case if a treaty between the UK and the EU can be applied that provides for free trade (no tariffs or quotas).

The United Kingdom will introduce border controls in phases for all freight traffic entering the country from the EU. You can consult the specific import requirements in terms of documentation and controls for your sector / cargo via the Border Operating Model (link) of the British authorities. Below is a brief summary of this phased approach. (Note: Please also check which export requirements will apply from 1/1/2021 to export from the EU).

  • From January 1, 2021: all basic customs requirements will enter into force, but companies will have until July 1, 2021 to submit customs declarations and make payments (excluding transit traffic). Physical checks of the goods will take place sporadically at the place of destination.
  • From April 2021: a pre-notification will have to be made for all animal products and regulated plant products and these products will have to be accompanied by the necessary documentation.
  • From July 2021: full customs declarations are required at the border post and payments must be made. Entry safety and security declarations become mandatory. Goods subject to sanitary and phytosanitary controls (SPS) will have to be declared at the border and may be subject to checks at the border or inland sites.

It is the responsibility of the importing company and carrier to ensure that the necessary formalities are met. The Belgian embassy in the United Kingdom does not have the authority to intervene or remedy this in any way.

  1. Freight traffic from the UK to the EU – What changes from 1 January 2021 ?

From 1 January 2021, all formalities will have to be fulfilled for goods entering the EU from the UK. There will be no phased approach for goods entering the EU from the UK, both through ports and through the Eurotunnel. The Border Operating Model (link) includes all the necessary British documents required to export from the UK such as export summary declarations, customs declarations and safety and security declarations. (Note: also check which documents are required from 1/1/2021 for import into the EU).


  • Ensure all necessary formalities have been completed and you have all the necessary documents with you for a border or customs check. For road transport exceeding 7.5 tons: consult the web platform Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border via this link.
  • If you are driving via the county of Kent (crossing via Dover or Folkestone): make sure you have the Kent Access Permit which you can obtain after you have received the green light following an application via the web platform Check an HGV is Ready to Cross the Border.
  • Make sure you have your ID card to hand. Until 30 September 2021, a Belgian identity card is sufficient as a valid UK identity document. From 1 October 2021, you will need an international passport. In some exceptional cases (e.g. with settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme or with a frontier worker’s permit) you can continue to use your Belgian identity card until at least December 31, 2025 (link).
  • In principle, a Belgian driving license will remain valid in the UK, even after January 1, 2021. Depending on where your vehicle is insured, you must, however, have a green card or other proof of insurance (link).
  • Closely Check the traffic situation via the UK media before your departure and during the journey.

It is the responsibility of the exporting company and carrier to ensure that the necessary formalities are met. The Belgian embassy in the United Kingdom does not have the authority to intervene or remedy this in any way.

  1. Driving license and insurance – Is my Belgian driving license sufficient to drive in the UK? What about car insurance for traveling in the EU ?

After 31 December 2021, a Belgian driving license will remain sufficient to legally drive a vehicle on British roads. For more information:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/visiting-the-uk-after-brexit. For vehicles registered in the UK, the driver needs to have a green card as proof of insurance  when traveling within the EU from 1 January 2021. For more information: https://www.gov.uk/visit-europe-1-january-2021.

  1. « EU settlement scheme » – What do I need to do to stay legally in the UK after 31/12/2020 ?

As a result of Brexit, EU citizens (including students and minors) already resident in the UK before 31 December 2020 need to apply for a British residence permit: pre-settled status (less than 5 years of continuous residence) or settled status (continuous residence of 5 years or more). The « EU settlement scheme » was set up for this purpose. You have until 30 June 2021 to register. For more information:  https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families.

  1. New immigration system – What changes for people who arrive in the UK from 1 January 2021 ?

From 1 January 2021,  European tourists can stay in the UK for a maximum period of 6 months without a visa. If you arrive in the UK after 31 December 2020 and you plan to stay in the UK for more than 6 months or you plan to come to the UK to work or study (even if it is for less than 6 months for these last 2 categories), you will need a visa unless you hold or are eligible for (pre )settled status. For more information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-immigration-system-what-you-need-to-know.

  1. Contact details – Who can I contact for more information on Brexit and EU citizens’ rights ?

You will find extensive information on EU citizens’ rights in the context of Brexit if you follow the link  https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/brexit and a list of FAQ is also available on https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/brexit/faq.
If, after consulting these sites, you have further questions regarding  EU citizens’ rights in the UK, please dial the following number: +44 (0)7423001276.

  1. Who do I turn to for emergencies during the Christmas season ?

During the festive season (check here for the embassy’s opening times), the embassy of Belgium remains open for consular emergencies. Outside office hours, you can call the following number: +44 (0) 7710703639 only for Belgian citizens in an emergency situation, only in use out of office hours, no visa information.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister published the renewed portal site "Brexit". This site directs citizens to the appropriate government services https://www.belgium.be/en/brexit


Communication from the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs: Rights of Belgian citizens in the context of Brexit

On 17 October 2019, a new agreement was concluded between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom on an orderly exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. The agreement was ratified and entered into force on 1 February 2020. Since that date, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU.

On 1 February 2020 the transition period has officially commenced. This period will normally run until 31 December 2020, but it might be extended by one or two years. Notwithstanding the fact that the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU, it will remain bound by EU rules during this period but it will no longer be present in the European institutions. Everything else stays the same. EU citizens and Brits can travel, live and work in the exact same conditions as before. After this period, EU citizens and Brits who settled in the UK or EU before 31 december 2020 and registered themselves in time will largely retain the same rights. This has been agreed upon in the withdrawal agreement.  

During this period, the EU and the United Kingdom will negotiate the future framework for their relations. When there is more info on this, we will update you.

Given the current developments surrounding Brexit, the information on this website is susceptible to change in light of political events. This information does not constitute legal advice. Neither the FPS Foreign Affairs nor the Belgian Embassy in London are in a position to provide such advice.


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30 Dec

Tomorrow, 31 December, Belgium's sixth mandate in the UN Security Council (VNVR) will come to an end. Two and a half years ago, our country had received the support of no less than 181 countries to sit at the table of the most important body for international peace and security for two years. During those two years, Belgium has been active on all the dossiers on the agenda of this body.

23 Dec

Belgium is supporting the activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria with a contribution of 2 million euros, in response to the organization's 2020 call for contributions for the country. The ICRC's action is essential and its neutral and independent humanitarian approach, in accordance with the mandate given by the States, makes it a key player in the protection and assistance to the populations affected by the conflict in Syria.

22 Dec

No country in the world will be safe from COVID-19 as long as not all countries are safe. That is why the Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation Meryame Kitir is making 4 million euros available for the COVAX initiative. COVAX is a global collaboration with governments and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are available and accessible to all countries worldwide.

21 Dec
Living in neighbouring countries with close historical ties, the people of the United Kingdom and Belgium have shared over the past decennia many moments of good fortune and happiness, but occasionally also moments of adversity and misfortune. The shared prosperity generated by close economic ties that go back centuries in time is a case in point, as is the strong solidarity demonstrated at both sides of the Channel during times of upheaval. The many commemorations we both continue to celebrate remain to this day a powerful testimony of these bonds in times of prosperity and adversity.
18 Dec

On Thursday December 17 and Friday December 18, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès held successive bilateral meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, H.E. Ara Aivazian, and her counterpart of Azerbaijan, H.E. Jeyhun Bayramov, on the occasion of their visit to Brussels and in the margins of the partnership dialogue with the European Union.