School trip to Belgium

Belgium has an exemption in place for pupils under 18.

A visa exemption is granted to school pupils who are nationals of a third country listed in Annex I to the Regulation, reside in a third country listed in Annex II to the Regulation and are travelling in the context of a school excursion as members of a group of school pupils accompanied by a teacher from the school in question. 

Important - every pupil needs their OWN PASSPORT if they belong to a non-visa exempt nationality (list below).

Visa exemption school trips

Travelling in the context of a school excursion from the UK (have a valid UK residence permit) as members of a school group and have to be on the list of countries of the ANNEX 1:

The “collective passport issued under the Council of Europe Treaty” is (still) accepted as a valid travel document for the three BENELUX countries. You will however notice that more and more Schengen countries have already reviewed their policy (in red) and are no longer accepting the travel document or only accept it on certain conditions.

One might consider applying for individual passports if travelling on EU territory and for nationalities who are on the visa obligation list (see above) and want to travel without a visa using the “school trip” exception, they will need their own passport.

Table showing EU passport acceptance
Legend of table showing EU passport acceptance