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Appointment delays

You will notice that all EU embassies in London are struggling at the moment and have long delays for appointments.  

Please note that the Embassy does not work with external agencies and that appointments are free of charge. 

When making an appointment, the online TLS system will show a calendar of available appointments relating to your visa category in real time. 

Our booking calendar shows 4 weeks of appointments. New appointments are released into the booking system each day for J+7. They get booked up very quickly, that is why you are advised to arrange an appointment several weeks before your travel.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to help you find an earlier slot. 


A very limited number of expedited appointments can be offered on a discretionary basis in exceptional, urgent and unforeseen circumstances (such as medical emergencies), based on the supporting documents provided by email. 

Tourist trips or last minute school or university trips will not be considered as genuine emergencies. 

Gambian Nationals

After the first sanctions taken against Gambia condemning its lack of sufficient cooperation in terms of readmission / return a new decision penalizes the absence of any positive development in this direction on the part of this third country. Visa applications of Gambian passport holders are now subject to the fee of €120 (eq. in GBP). It applies immediately to Gambian nationals regardless of their place of residence in the world. 

There is also a waiting period of 45 days before the applications are processed. 

  All types of passports and categories of Gambian applicants are covered, except:

  1. children under 12 (art.16(2)bis Visa Code); 

  2. Gambian family members of an EU national to whom Directive 2004/38 applies and family members of a third-country national who enjoys a right of free movement under an agreement between the EU and one third country; 

  3. without prejudice to cases in which the MS is linked to an international obligation (primarily when an international intergovernmental organization (NATO / EU for BE) has a headquarters agreement in the MS or when the MS hosts an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations); 

  4. without prejudice to Article 16(6) of the Visa Code (< as a reminder: individual cases in which visa fees may be reduced or not collected to promote cultural, sporting, foreign policy, development, other areas of essential general interest, humanitarian considerations) 

Quality of applications

We notice a significant decline in the quality of the submitted visa applications in the UK. The list of required supporting documents is available to the public HERE. It can then be considered that the presentation of an incomplete file means that the applicant either does not take his/her application seriously or is unable to present the requested documents and the consulate will take the decision on the basis of the application file, as presented, whether complete or not. 

It should be clear that the Embassy will decide on your visa-application based on the supporting documents in your original file. For missing or non-conforming documents it is settled case-law that it is up to the claimant who wishes to convey information pursuant to a claim that may have an influence on the assessment of his administrative situation, to fully inform the administration which, for its part, cannot be required to carry out numerous inquiries, on pain of making it impossible to respond within a reasonable timeframe to the numerous requests it receives.