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In a referendum on 23rd June 2016, a majority voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. On the 29th of March 2017, the British Government formally notified the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the Union. The United Kingdom and the European Union will now start the negotiations on an agreement setting out the arrangement for its withdrawal. The Embassy cannot predict how all this may in future affect the status of EU citizens already resident in the United Kingdom, as this largely depends on the outcome of the negotiations. Read more...


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I hope that you enjoy our website - a portal into Belgium's presence in the UK. 

Are you a Belgian citizen living in the United Kingdom or thinking of moving to the UK? Please register with the Embassy in London. Our consular services provide information about how to register, apply for identity cards and passports. Please note that since October 2011, Belgians residing in the UK have to book an appointment and come in person to the Embassy in London to apply for a new passport.

You are interested in travelling to Belgium or would like to study, work or do business there, please check the ‘Travel to Belgium’ section. If you need a visa, an easy and quick application is available via the ‘Visa Application Centre’. Details can be found on https://be.tlscontact.com/gb/LON/index.php

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If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on london@diplobel.fed.be.



22 Sep

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo presents today in New York , at the United Nations, MolenGeek to the rest of the world. MolenGeek is a Molenbeek tech incubator that focuses on young people. They can enhance their digital skills, learn coding and strengthen their digital entrepreneurship. "It's a great example of how to prepare vulnerable youngsters to make up their way in the digital economy."

22 Sep

On the margins of the 72th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (VN) in New York, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders participated in the annual ministerial meeting of the Friends of Mediation. This is a growing group of countries, now 47 strong, who, at the initiative of Finland and Turkey, seek to give political attention to mediation between parties in conflict areas. Conflict mediation has gained political importance now that the new Secretary General Antonio Guterres has made conflict prevention a priority.

22 Sep

Speech by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders on 'Enhancing the role of Mediation in Conflict Prevention & Sustaining Peace' (New York)

21 Sep

Today is the International Day of Peace. A ministerial meeting on Youth, Peace and Security took place in the framework of the United Nations General Assembly. It was presided over by  UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

21 Sep

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo announced that Belgium will cooperate with its partner countries, Benin and Senegal, to improve access to family planning services through the use of big data and satellite imagery. Belgian data company Bluesquare and the universities of Brussels and Namur will also participate. Today, Belgium, Benin and Senegal jointly present the partnership at the United Nations in New York.