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Umicore most sustainable company in the world

29 januari 2013

Umicore was declared the most sustainable company in the world during the recent World Economic Forum in Davos. The Canadian independent media and investment research companyCorporate Knights put the Belgian business at the top of their latest Global 100 ranking, nabbing the gold from Brazilian cosmetics company Natura and the Norwegian oil company Statoil.Umicore specialises in recycling technology and manufactures catalysts for cars which reduce pollution. It also recycles materials like gold, copper, nickel and rare metals such as palladium from used car batteries and printing plates.

Ecological efficiency is high on the agenda of the company, which plans on-site wind turbines and aims to reduce its level of CO2 emissions by 20% in 2015 compared to 2006. The fact that the corporation has a one-to-five ratio of female representatives on their board of directors and a CEO (Marc Grynberg) who earns ‘only’ 34 times as much as the average employee, ensuredUmicore’s exceptional score as far as the social component of the index is concerned.

In 1989, Umicore was set up after the merger of mining giant Union Minière and the lead-processing plant Metallurgie. The company became one of the most spectacular and successful industrial reconversions in Belgium and has gradually managed to position itself as a global player among the major recycling businesses.