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Handmade in Belgium

08 april 2013

In future, handmade products from Belgium are to receive a new ‘HIB – Handmade in Belgium’ label in recognition of a craftsman’s original products. On 4th April, the Belgian organisation for the self-employed ‘Unizo’, awarded the first five labels.

“Craftsmen have a hard job competing against more industrial products,” explains Unizo’s managing director Karel Van Eetvelt. “Due to the lack of a judicial base, Unizo set up a number of criteria and defined the term. A ‘HIB’ product is unique and bears the signature of its master, it is for at least 50% made by hand and has a utility factor. The craftsman can employ a maximum of twenty workers. Although the label does not warrant quality, it guarantees authenticity.

Five ‘ambassadors’ received the first oak ‘HIB’ labels. They are taylor Aravinda Rodenburg (Ghent), handbag designer Atelier Deville (Rotselaar), bicycle manufacturer Achielle (Pittem), butcher Rondue (Leuven) and woodworker Atelier Schrauwen (Loenhout). The five ‘HIB’ manufacturers can each nominate another two craftsmen, a process which will allow the Group of recognised entrepreneurs to grow rapidly.