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09 fév
The Embassy of Belgium in London is seeking to recruit a PA to the Ambassador on a 1-year contract.
16 oct
The Met Office has issued an amber severe weather warning for Northern Ireland as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit the UK. It warns of potential for injuries and danger to life and predicted gusts of up to 80mph this afternoon and evening.
13 oct
In July, Ambassador Rudolf Huygelen took up his post at the Embassy of Belgium in the UK after 3 years at Belgium’s Foreign Ministry in Brussels. He has been active in the Belgian diplomatic service since 1989. On 12th October, he presented his Letter of Credentials to H.M. Queen Elizabeth.
02 oct
Tous les vols, gérés par Monarch Group, ont été annulés le 10/02/2017 avec effet immédiat. L'Autorité de l'aviation civile (Civil Aviation Authority) a été priée par le gouvernement britannique de coordonner les vols-retour pour les passagers de Monarch qui se trouvent actuellement en dehors du Royaume-Uni et qui avaient réservé leur retour avec Monarch pour les 14 prochains jours. Cet arrangement s'applique à la fois aux ressortissants britanniques qu’aux autres nationalités.
29 sep
We visited the Royal Air Force Museum in Colindale, North London, to meet Belgian researcher and military expert Kris Hendrix who has been working at the museum since April last year.
28 juin
Sabine Vandenbroucke is currently COO/CFO operating at board level of the graphic design and branding agency Winkreative Ltd and the global news and lifestyle media brand Monocle. She is based in London.
26 juin
Ambassador Trouveroy and his wife Nathalie arrived in London in January 2014 after diplomatic duties in Moscow. Now, after three and a half years in the UK and a diplomatic career spanning 40 years, they are returning to Brussels…to retire...? Not quite, as Ambassador Trouveroy explains.
30 mai
The UK’s first ever Belgian Beer Festival on 21-22 July at the renowned Oval Space on Hackney Road provides a great opportunity to sample Belgian-made craft beers and amazing Belgian-inspired food in the heart of London.
25 avr
« La Belgique est autrement phénoménale ». Cette campagne de communication vous donne de 99 bonnes raisons (parce que 100 serait pousser un peu loin) pour visiter la Belgique et y investir. Elle comprend un site web, une page Facebook. Visitez et découvrez !
17 Mar
After completing his PhD research at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Ghent University, Bart Vanhaesebroeck crossed the Channel for postdoctoral studies at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London. He became professor in London, initially at UCL, then moved to Barts Cancer Institute (Queen Mary University of London) and later joined the Cancer Institute at UCL. Professor Vanhaesebroeck is an elected member of EMBO (EU Excellence in Life Sciences) and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. He was instrumental in the discovery of a new drug for the treatment of cancer.