Vaccination of Belgians abroad

According to the principle of territoriality, Belgian citizens residing abroad will, to the possible extent, be vaccinated in their country of residence.

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Belgian citizens residing in a country offering the same types of vaccines as those used in the Belgian vaccination campaign (= United Kingdom) are invited to be vaccinated in the framework of the vaccination campaign of their country of residence.

Vaccinations outside Belgium can be registered in Vaccinnet, if the following three conditions are met:

1. The vaccine administered is either a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency or Covishield, the variant produced in India, of Vaxzevria (also known as COVID-19 AstraZeneca)

2. The vaccinated person
• is a Belgian national, or
• is a person with primary residence in Belgium, either
• is a partner or child living together with a Belgian or a person with primary residence in Belgium, or
• studies or works in Belgium

3. The vaccinated person has reliable proof that states the vaccine, the dose administered and the date of vaccination (see legalization)

Registration in Vaccinnet must be done by a doctor established in Belgium.

Legalization of individual foreign vaccination certificates:

In accordance with the applicable general regulations for legalization of foreign documents in the UK, individual foreign vaccination certificates must be provided with an apostille in the UK.