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Working in Belgium

You must meet a number of conditions to come and work in Belgium. These conditions depend on the following three key factors:

  • your nationality and country of residence;
  • the length of your stay in Belgium;
  • your professional status in Belgium (Employee or Self-employed – see below).

If you are going to be an Employee (Single permit, Blue card, Type B work permit or exemption of work permit)

Please note that only the regions are competent to decide and issue a work permit, single permit, professional card or exemption. A work permit might be required even though you spend less than 90 days within 180 days.

Before you can apply for a visa, you will first need to find out if you need a permit from the regions:

For all other relevant information, please consult the federal portal website

Once the single permit, blue card, work permit type B or the exemption is granted, the visa application can be submitted at the Visa Application Centre TLScontact. You will find on their website all the information relating to appointments, requirements, fees and processing times.

If you are going to be self-employed in Belgium – below is the specific procedure to apply for a professional card:

If one wants to start a self-employed activity in Belgium as a foreign national, one must hold a professional card. The professional card is the document authorizing you to exercise a self-employed activity. The competence for work in Belgium is not a Federal responsibility but rather a Regional.

The applicant is invited to have a look at the relevant website of the region where he can find the conditions, application form and the list of documents that will have to be submitted.

This is the procedure:

  1. If, after having carefully read the conditions, and the applicant establishes that he/she qualifies for a professional card, the applicant must submit a scanned version of the complete application consisting of the duly filled in and signed application form and all the relevant supporting documents required to apply for a professional card to london.visa@diplobel.fed.be
  2. Do note that you will need an ACRO police certificate LEGALIZED and a medical certificate issued by one of our ACCREDITED DOCTORS. Obtaining such documents could take some time, hence it is in the applicant’s own interest to act swiftly
  3. Upon receipt of the complete scanned application, the Embassy will proceed with an initial verification of the pre-application of your professional card.
  4. After you have successfully completed this first phase in the Embassy, the applicant will be contacted by the Trade Delegate of the competent Region in London for an interview about his/her application. It is the role of the Trade Delegate in London to give  a first economic advice on the professional card application.
  5. Once the Embassy receives back the professional card application +  the economic advice from the Trade Delegate in London, the applicant will receive an email from the Embassy instructing him/her to apply in person for the professional card and the long stay ‘D’ visa at one of our Visa Application Centres (VAC). Please note that at this stage the applicant must submit an original hard copy of the professional card application form, dully filled in, signed and dated with the appointment date. Both the professional card and visa are applied for simultaneously at the VAC.
  6. The documents the applicant must submit for the visa application can be found HERE.
  7. Please find below a list of the documents the applicant must submit for a professional card application
    • original professional card application form signed and dated on the day of the appointment at the VAC (correct date is important!)
    • original and recent certificate of good conduct ACRO + 1 copy. The ACRO certificate must be legalized/apostilled
    • proof of transfer of £123.20 (professional card application fee) to the Embassy bank account, see details below: 

      Embassy of Belgium
      BNP Paribas
      Account No: 10794033
      Sort Code: 406384

    • IMPORTANT: When making the payment to the Embassy account, you must quote as reference the applicant’s surname, first name, date of birth and motivation for transfer in the following format: SurnameFirstnameJJMMAAAAPROFCARD.
      Example: FISCH Elena 28021981PROFCARD. Failing to use this format can delay your application. 

The Embassy submits the complete application for approval to the competent region in Belgium who will make the final decision to refuse or grant the professional card.