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Financial guarantee (student sponsorship)

A financial guarantee form (prise en charge annexe 32 - tenlasteneming bijlage 32) is to be signed by a (prospective) student’s sponsor in the framework of a D-type (long stay) student visa application, in order to guarantee payment of travel, living as well as educational, medical and repatriation expenses of the student. You can find the minimum necessary income to be a sponsor on the website of the Immigration Office.

This form needs to be completed in the language of the city where the student will register:

For your convenience, you can find bilingual versions of the form hereunder. However do not fill them out as these forms will not be accepted in lieu of the single language version.

If the sponsor resides in the United Kingdom, he/she can submit the financial guarantee form either in person at the Embassy of Belgium in London (the honorary consulates of Belgium in the United Kingdom have no competence in this matter) or by post. The following supporting documents should be submitted as proof of identity and solvency:

  • Proof of identity of the sponsor: copy of valid passport with valid visa/residence permit
  • Letter specifying the sponsor’s telephone number, email address, family composition and link with the student
  • Proof of identity of the student: copy of valid passport + copy of valid residence card if already in Belgium
  • An acceptance letter or proof of registration from the school that the student will be attending in Belgium + grades of the previous year if already in Belgium
  • If you are employed: most recent P60 form + pay slips covering the last 3 months + letter of employer stating type and length of contract (issued in the last 6 months)
  • If you are self-employed: latest tax return or self-assessment return + copy of company registration at Company House + letter from your accountant stating your monthly net income
  • Bank statements covering the last 3 months

We reserve the right to ask additional documents if deemed necessary.


You may come to the Embassy on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (except official holidays) between 2.30 and 3.30pm. No appointment is required. Do not sign the financial guarantee form, but wait until you appear in front of the consular officer.


If you submit the financial guarantee form and all supporting documents by post, the following instructions apply :

  • Date and sign the financial guarantee form
  • Add manually the mention ‘read and approved’ in the language of the form
    • in French: ‘lu et approuvé’
    • in Dutch: ‘gelezen en goedgekeurd’
  • Join a copy of your national passport witnessed by a UK registered solicitor or notary public. The latter’s signature will then need to be legalised by the Legalisation Office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Include a pre-paid special delivery envelope so we can return the legalized financial guarantee form to you
  • Do not have your signature on the financial guarantee form legalized by a solicitor, notary public or honorary consul

We recommend you use a secure and traceable sending method.

Note: We do not return the documents submitted and we do not make copies. Please make sure that you have an original (for you to keep) and a copy (for us) available.

The signature legalisation fee is 18 GBP to be paid by debit/credit card at the Embassy or by postal order made out to the Embassy of Belgium if submitting your documents by post.

Please find all relevant information on this page.