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Travel Advice EURO 2020 Football - UK

(update June 9th)

The European Football Championship (EURO 2020) will be held from June 11 to July 11. Several group matches will also take place in the United Kingdom at Wembley Stadium (London) and Hampden Park Stadium (Glasgow, Scotland). In addition, both semi-finals and the final will take place at Wembley Stadium on 6, 7 and 11 July.

Belgians or residents of Belgium wishing to attend a match in the UK must comply with the COVID-19 rules that apply to all travelers entering the UK. This means that no exceptions are granted to European Championship ticket holders in the UK. These are rules that are entirely determined by the British authorities: the Belgian embassy cannot intervene.

Also be wary of rogue ticket sellers (outside the official circuit) who formulate this differently, or who still think they can provide exceptions.


1. Rules of Entry into the UK

Belgium is categorised as “amber” (orange) in the British traffic light system. That means the following rules apply:

  • COVID-19 test maximum 72 hours before leaving Belgium
  • reservation and payment for testing in the UK on day 2 and 8
  • completing a Passenger Locator Form
  • 10-day isolation in the UK at an address (e.g. your hotel) that you enter on the Passenger Locator Form.
  • It is possible to end the isolation period early, provided you get a negative test on the 5th day (Test to Release) after arrival in England. This procedure does not exempt you from the obligation to be tested on the 2nd and 8th day.

The embassy wishes to emphasise that

  • Failure to respect these rules may result in a fine of up to £10,000
  • Long waiting times are expected at the borders

2. Rules Applicable in the UK

  • Depending on whether you are following a match in Wembley (England) or Glasgow (Scotland), you will also have to respect the local rules regarding COVID-19. Please note that these differ in England and Scotland.
  • Also find out – through the Official Ticket Seller (UEFA), which rules will apply upon entering the stadium. For example, rapid tests before the match will be imposed in Wembley. Check out the latest information on the UEFA website or download the UEFA app on your smartphone.
  • Local rules need to be ahered to,  not only in the football stadiums, but also at supporters events (Trafalgar Square)

3. Rules upon return to Belgium

  • Once again, the same rules apply to all travelers returning to Belgium from the UK.

For those who still wish to attend European Championship matches in the UK, the embassy would like to issue the following advice:

  • The UK authorities will restrict large gatherings outside the stadiums – for example in Trafalgar Square. So avoid these gatherings as much as possible and follow the instructions of the local authorities.
  • Follow the rules that apply at smaller gatherings – such as in pubs for example – and follow the instructions of the local authorities.
  • Follow the latest news on both the sanitary situation in the UK and the security situation in and around the stadiums.
  • Follow the latest information on how to access the stadiums via the UEFA website or download the UEFA app on your smartphone.
  • If you do not have a ticket for a European Championship match, do not go to the stadiums as Police will cordon off these areas.


I have a ticket for a European Championship match and will only watch that particular match. Do I still have to quarantine?

Yes. You are required to complete your quarantine in the UK. You can only attend the match when you are released from your quarantine obligation. So it is certainly not the case that you can interrupt your quarantine just for the competition.

I am fully vaccinated in Belgium. Do I still have to quarantine in the UK?

Yes. You must complete your quarantine according to the rules outlined above, regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or have evidence of a recent COVID infection that has given you immunity. Please note that proof of vaccination may be required to gain entry to the stadium, but you will need to complete your quarantine before entering the UK.

The match I am going to watch will take place two days after my arrival in the UK. Is this possible?

No. You must complete your quarantine in the UK. The UK authorities can and will stop you at the border if you were to attend a match that takes place before the end of your quarantine (and thus prevents you from completing your quarantine).

Can I book my PCR testing once I arrive in the UK?

No, you must book and pay for your PCR tests before coming to the UK, otherwise you will not be allowed entry onto UK territory. For more information click here.

Do I need to have another PCR test on day 8 after Test to Release?

Yes. Even if you can end your quarantine after five days via Test to Release, you will still have to take this test. The booking and payment of the test will have to be organised before your departure to the UK.

I'm a journalist. Are there any exceptions for me?

Only UEFA-accredited journalists who cover the European Championship matches receive a functional exception to their quarantine obligation, i.e. they are only allowed to attend the relevant matches and have to isolate themselves in the hotel during the rest of the period. The Royal Belgian Football Association is responsible for these accreditations.

The British authorities are not giving me access to the territory. Can I contact the embassy?

If the British authorities do not allow you to enter the territory because the necessary formalities (tests, PLF form) are not in order or because your competition will take place earlier than the end of the required quarantine period, the Belgian embassy cannot intervene. Of course you can call on the embassy for an emergency (medical, for example) or if you need urgent consular assistance.