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29 Apr
Philippe Rixhon is a Belgian entrepreneur at the junction of the arts, business and technology who runs his own London-based company. Before focusing on the arts, Philippe spent twenty years managing successful and innovative projects for major companies in ten countries and worked in the IT domain. He currently publishes and lectures internationally to pass on his expertise to people who intend to launch a business in the arts.
24 Apr
This year saw the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo where the Duke of Wellington and his army celebrated victory over the Emperor Napoleon on 18 June 1815. To mark the occasion, commemorative events were organised in both Belgium and the UK.
07 Nov
HRH Queen Elisabeth and HRH King Philippe, the King of the Belgians, inaugurated the Flanders Fields Memorial Garden in central London’s Wellington Barracks near Buckingham Palace on 6 November.
17 Jul
2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.
15 Jul
It all started with a tweet from Premier Di Rupo to President Obama just before the World Cup Football match between the USA and Belgium. The Belgian Prime Minister promised a supply of Belgian beers if the American team were to win. Likewise, the American Ambassador in London organised a wager with Ambassador Trouveroy. Ambassador Barzun would be cooking and serving American pancakes for the Belgian Embassy staff at the Residence in Belgrave Square if the Belgian team were to beat the US. Ambassador Trouveroy promised a hamper with Belgian delicacies if the American team were to win.
15 Jul
On 12th July, the annual Belgian Parade at the Cenotaph in Whitehall took place. On this occasion, HRH Prince Laurent, representing the Belgian King, laid a wreath at the monument. The ceremony was also attended by the Belgian Defence Minister and the UK vice-Minister of Defence, various British and Belgian civil and military authorities and veterans as well as detachments from military education establishments.
18 Mar
As part of a series of official visits to European capitals, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited the United Kingdom on 13 March. The couple was accompanied on their day trip by Minister Didier Reynders.
07 Mar
In January, Ambassador Guy Trouveroy took up his post at the Embassy of Belgium in the UK after 4 years of diplomatic duties in Moscow. He has been active in the Belgian diplomatic service since 1977.
18 Feb
Yves Lemarchand left Belgium in 1988 and is now managing director of Experience Scotland in Edinburgh. He has been Honorary Consul for Belgium since 1996.
07 Nov
Interview with Michel Vanhoonacker, Honorary Consul for Belgium in Hull.