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Cancellation MONARCH flights

02 October 2017

All flights, provided by Monarch Group, were cancelled on 02/10/2017 with immediate effect.

The Civil Aviation Authority was asked by the British government to coordinate return flights for Monarch passengers who are currently outside the UK and who are due to return with Monarch in the coming fortnight. This arrangement applies to both British and other nationals.

If you booked a Monarch flight for a return foreseen within the next two weeks and have not yet been contacted, please consult the Civil Aviation Authority website for new flight details or, for further assistance, contact the Civil Aviation Authority directly via the hotline: 0300 303 2800 (from UK) or +44 1753 330330 (outside UK).

For passengers in the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority advises that there are sufficient alternative flights available. It is requested that, if you are in the UK, you book a new flight yourself and submit a request for compensation, subject to the arrangement with your insurance or credit card company.

For more information on alternative flights, visit the following website: http://monarch.caa.co.uk.