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Signing a notarial deed in London

Residents of the United Kingdom can apply to the Consulate General in London for the signing of a notarial deed. The notary in Belgium is still obliged to first contact the FPS Foreign Affairs via notaribox@diplobel.fed.be and by submitting a draft deed.

The embassy will then receive from the FPS Foreign Affairs the instructions necessary for the signing of the deed.

When you receive confirmation from your notary in Belgium that the FPS Foreign Affairs has sent the draft deed to the Consulate, you can contact the Consulate General in London via london.nat@diplobel.fed.be

CAUTION The procedure does not end with the confirmation that the project has been sent to the Consulate General!

No notarial deed is signed “as is” and signature is possible only after completion by yourself of the required information, submission of the required supporting documents, payment, certified copies, etc. …) and only after confirmation of the appointment (to be made in direct coordination with the Consulate General and not via the general online appointment system)

Further information on the notarial profession in Belgium is available on the website www.notaris.be.

COVID-19 situation and digital notarial power of attorney

As part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19, since May 04, it is possible for citizens to confer a digital notarial power of attorney to a trusted person or to a notarial collaborator so that this person can sign a deed of sale, donation or other notarial deed in his/her place before a Belgian notary. It is however required that the citizen / principle, who may be in Belgium as well as abroad, has an internet connection, an electronic identity card and the correct PIN code or “itsme” application. With these tools, the citizen will be able to give a power of attorney in digital form to a notarial collaborator or to a trusted person in Belgium who can then sign the authentic deed in his/her place. More information on this procedure is available here (only in Dutch or French)

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