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Returning to Belgium

If you are a Belgian citizen returning to Belgium please consider what follows.

  1. Giving notice of your departure

Please let the Embassy know that you are moving back permanently, indicating which Belgian commune you plan to register in.

  1. Registration in a Belgian commune

You will need to register with a Belgian commune within 8 days of your arrival.

  1. Working in Belgium

If you want to work in Wallonia, please consult https://emploi.wallonie.be/en/home.html

If you want to work in Flanders, please consult https://www.werk.be/en/home

If you want to work in Brussels, please consult https://be.brussels/working-and-doing-business/working

For more general information about working in Belgium please see http://www.employment.belgium.be.

  1. Paying taxes in Belgium

The Federal Public Service Finance is your first point of contact: https://finance.belgium.be/en

Please see https://www.belgium.be/fr/logement/demenagement/vers_la_belgique/aspects_fiscaux or https://www.belgium.be/nl/huisvesting/verhuizen/naar_belgie/fiscale_aspecten for more information.

  1. Social Security

For an overview please consult https://www.belgium.be/fr/logement/demenagement/vers_la_belgique/securite_sociale or https://www.belgium.be/nl/huisvesting/verhuizen/naar_belgie/sociale_zekerheid

For information tailored to your situation please use the search criteria found on https://www.socialsecurity.be/CMS/en/coming_to_belgium/index.html

Please note that the rules regarding family allowances have changed on 01.01.2019.  Family allowances are now a competence of the Belgian devolved entities. On https://www.famifed.be/home you can see which authority to contact depending on where your child lives.

  1. Studying in Belgium

In Belgium education is the responsibility of the Flemish, French and German-speaking Communities. The latter does not have any university on its territory.

If you want to study in the Flemish Community: http://www.studyinflanders.be/

If you want to study in the French Community: http://www.studyinbelgium.be/en

  1. Elections in Belgium

Voting is compulsory for Belgian citizens. Please note that if you are returning to Belgium you will also be able to vote in communal and regional elections.