Passport applications

On this page, you will find all information about the Belgian passport application.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information regarding passport applications in London below.


Can I book an appointment by phone?

NOthis can only be done online.

Can I keep my old passport?

YES you can keep your old passport while it is still valid. You will have to return the old passport to us before we can issue you with the new passport. If requested, the old passport can be cancelled and returned to you.

The appointment I booked is no longer suitable. What should I do?

Go to the online appointment booking site and reschedule your appointment. Please cancel your old appointment using the cancellation link found in your booking confirmation email or by emailing us: The system will propose the earliest available appointment. It is possible that this date is sooner than your original appointment. This is due to appointments that have been cancelled by others.

I travel a lot. Can I have a passport with more pages?

YES — you can choose to apply for a new passport with 64 pages by selecting it on the application form. Be aware that these passports cost significantly more: £216 for adults (valid for 7 years) and £189 for children (valid for 5 years).

Can I purchase a Special Delivery envelope at the Embassy or pay an additional fee to have the passport sent by post?

NO – you must bring a prepaid Special Delivery envelope with you to your appointment.

Royal Mail has lost my passport. What should I do?

Passports sent by post are sent entirely at your own risk. See also this link.

My valid passport has been lost/stolen. I requested that my biometric information be kept. What do I have to do now?

Please alert DocStop to block your passport. If you requested that your biometric information be kept, please send us an email to enquire about getting a duplicate passport: If you did not, you will need to apply for a new passport.

Can the validity of my passport be extended?

NO – if a passport is no longer valid or will expire soon, you will have to apply for a new passport.

Does my passport need to be valid for 6 months in order to travel?

In general, you can travel with your passport up until the last day of its validity (this is the case within the European Union). We recommend that you confirm whether there are specific entry requirements by checking here and directly with the embassy of the destination country.

I need to travel urgently and I don’t have a valid passport. What can I do?

In exceptional circumstances and insofar as the urgency has been sufficiently demonstrated, a temporary passport can be issued. Please send us an email explaining your situation.

If you have a valid identity card, you can use it to enter the EU. If you have (pre-)settled status, you can also use your identity card to re-enter the UK once it is linked to your immigration status. We advise that you check with your travel operator before travelling to ensure that they don’t have stricter travel document requirements and that you can indeed travel with your identity card.

I regularly need to apply for visas which requires me to leave my passport with another Embassy. What can I do in order to continue to travel?

You can apply for a second passport. Be aware that you will need a supporting letter from yourself as well as your employer that explains your situation.

Can I claim compensation if my passport shows a production defect or if, due to defective equipment, it has been impossible to have my application processed?

Click here for information.