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Please bear in mind that changing one’s name can have considerable administrative consequences.

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Please bear in mind that changing one’s name can have considerable administrative consequences.



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Have you changed your name (given name and/or surname) in one of your other current nationalities? If so, on what exact date? And how did you change your name?

If this change of name was formally made on or after 01/01/2018 (*), it will be accepted under Belgian law providing the appropriate proofs have been submitted.

You will have to provide a clear scanned copy of your passport or identity card under your new full name and a document confirming the exact date on which you have changed it.

For UK passport holders, this can be your last passport application under said name.

If you have not changed your name in any of your other nationalities, you will need to provide a deed poll (see below) .

Please make sure your name change will be accepted by all your current nationalities.

(*) This applies since 02.10.2003 if you:

  • held both Belgian nationality and the nationality of another EU country and
  • You have changed your surname and
  • The change of surname was  voluntarily and
  • The change of surname is valid under the laws of your other EU nationality


Note that in some countries, by law one automatically changes their surname following their marriage (e.g. Brazil, United States of America, Israel, Italy, Hungary, etc.).

For Belgium, since 01/01/2018, if your marriage certificate clearly states that you hold a different name following your marriage and you had your usual residence in that country on the date of your marriage, this name change will take effect under Belgian law unless you clearly state otherwise on the date you register your marriage with the Belgian authorities.

Thus, when submitting your marriage certificate to register your civil status always clearly state the name you wish to bear following your marriage.


Since 01/01/2018, if a Belgian citizen, having its legal and regular residence in the UK, changes their given names and/or surname following British law by means of a deed poll, this change will be accepted under Belgian law.


The person needs to contact a solicitor or Notary public and ask for a “name change deed poll”.

Basically the deed poll declares that one no longer will use their former name and that from now on will be known only and only with the “new name”.

The solicitor should have the proper legal text for this kind of deed poll.

Please make sure that the deed poll clearly states which will be your given names, middle names (please use small letters) and last name(s) (please use capital letters). If your name holds a special character such as a hyphen, accent, etc. these have to be clearly indicated.

If you are unsure of your entire name, we highly recommend verifying your birth certificate.

The deed poll has to be properly dated and signed by all persons concerned (the declarant, perhaps a witness, and the solicitor/notary public)

Important note for minors up until the age of 16 : both parents (or the person(s) that hold full parental authority with the appropriate proofs) must be stated as witnesses in the deed poll.

The deed poll needs to have the signature and seal of the solicitor/notary public  as well as an “Apostille” (legalization British competent authority)  legalizing the signature/seal.

Information and procedure concerning  the Apostille:

You will also have to provide an original recent proof of address in the UK i.e. most recent council tax bill OR most recent utility bill OR proof of registration on the electoral roll.

Please send the original deed poll + Apostille + recent proof of address BY POST to

Consulate general of Belgium
Name change
17, Grosvenor Crescent
London SW1X 7EE


The original deed poll will be returned. Please provide a prepaid self-addressed envelope in order for us to send it back.

Once the name change has been registered in the Belgian National Register, you will receive a confirmation by email and you will be required to apply for a new Belgian identity/travel documents. For this a payment is expected.

You will also have top update your EUSS under your new name and passport.

However, we highly recommend you contact the authorities of all your other nationalities in order to make sure that your change of name will be accepted for all your other nationalities.

Only if none of the above categories apply, please email your query to Please clearly state your national state registration number (or your full name and date of birth) and attach clear scanned copies of the relevant documents.