The identity card for children under 12 (Kids-ID)

Any Belgian child under the age of 12 and registered with this Embassy can apply for a Kids-ID.

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Any Belgian child under the age of 12 and registered with this Embassy can apply for a Kids-ID.

Since 11th of June 2021, every new Kids-ID request for children aged 6 or older has to be done in person at the embassy. It is compulsory to book an appointment via our online appointment system. You will not be allowed to enter the Embassy without an appointment.


New identity document & EU Settlement Scheme

If your child has a status under the EU Settlement Scheme, you can add their new ID card on their UKVI account. There must always be a valid identity document (passport and/or ID card) linked to their online account.

In order to do so, you will need the number of the identity document used to make their application, so keep it handy!

1. What is the validity of a Kids-ID?

A Kids-ID is valid for 3 years, even when you move to a different country or to Belgium.

2. What is the cost of a Kids-ID?

Kids-ID costs £9.

3. Where and how to apply for a Kids-ID?

Two scenarios:

1. Your child, aged 6 or over, or you (= parent + child) want to apply in person at the embassy:

  • The child and at least one of the parents should be present at the embassy.
  • You bring with you the application form in Dutch (DOCX, 107.86 KB) or in French (DOCX, 124.97 KB) duly completed and signed,
  • If you choose to have the Kid-ID sent to you by post: please bring a Special Delivery self-addressed stamped envelope for sending the eID as well as a stamped and self-addressed envelope for sending PIN codes and PUK.

2. Your child is under 6 years old and you request the Kids-ID by mail

You must send to the Embassy: the application form in Dutch (PDF, 201.99 KB) or in French (PDF, 208.16 KB) duly completed and signed,

  1. two passport photographs compliant with ICAO-standards in Dutch (PDF, 2.23 MB) or in French (PDF, 2.56 MB).
  2. A proof of payment (bank statement or proof from your bank) of £9.00 made to the account number here below with communication “ID, NAME, first name, DOB DDMMYY”

    Example :

    “Initial first name, NAME” e.g. J. SMITH

    Embassy of Belgium
    BNP Paribas
    Account No: 10794033
    Sort Code: 406384

    Attention: please make a separate payment for each request, indicating the name of the person concerned. We cannot accept group payments for different members of the family or different services. 

  3. If you chose to have the Kids-ID sent to you by the post: a Special Delivery self-addressed stamped envelope for sending the eID as well as a stamped and self-addressed envelope for sending PIN codes and PUK.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays:

  1. please choose the first language of the card,
  2. to sign in the correct spaces. 

4. Activation Kids-ID

Certificate activations for the Kids-ID are no longer accepted for children under 12 years old. On the other hand, once the minor has reached the age of 12, the embassy can activate the certificates on his Kids-ID, but only in the presence of the minor, who must himself enter the card into the card reader. cards and then enter the PUK code.

5. Service “Hello Parents”

On the Kids-ID there is a telephone number (+32 78 150350), which can be reached 24/7.

In the event a child goes missing and has his/her Kids-ID, any person finding the child can easily get in touch with the parents or person of confidence of the child. This happens through a cascade system of phone numbers, activated by the parents. To activate this cascade system, please see the following link for more information: (Dutch) or (French). 

6. When is a Kids-ID no longer valid?

  • when it is reported as lost or stolen
  • when the picture no longer resembles the bearer