Embassy of Belgium in the United Kingdom


Why you should register

Having your name registered in the population register kept by a Belgian consulate or embassy abroad entitles you to benefit from the same services as those provided by municipal authorities in Belgium, i.e. the management of your administrative file. Registering allows the embassy or consulate to assist you more efficiently when issuing an identity card, issuing consular certificates (e.g. residence certificates, registration certificates, certificates of nationality, 'household composition' certificates, cohabitation etc.). You may also participate in some elections in Belgium (federal general elections, and European elections if you reside in an EU Member State).

By keeping your file up to date you will enable the embassy or consulate to help you more immediately, including in situations when you need emergency humanitarian aid (e.g. accidents, natural disasters, evacuations, and so on).


1. You must complete one form per person, either in Dutch or in French, and supply one passport size photo.

2. For minors: both parents need to sign the form in either Dutch or French.

3. You must add the following documents:

  • Most recent council tax bill OR most recent utility bill OR proof of registration on the electoral roll (only one set of  documents per family is required)
  • Copy of your passport or ID card (front and back)
  • Only if you come directly from Belgium: proof that you were de-registered from the town hall registration (model 8). If need be, you can request the de-registration from the town hall with this form, either in Dutch or in French.
  • Registration form as a voter.(see point 6)

4. The Embassy recommends sending the registration form and documents by post. It is not necessary to attend the Embassy in person to register, nor to make an appointment.

5. For the registration of a new-born child, see this link.

6. Registering with this Embassy means that you can participate in certain elections in Belgium (Federal parliamentary elections and elections for the European parliament). You can find relevant information and registration forms here:

Dutch: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/nl/Diensten/Diensten_in_het_buitenland/Dee...

French: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/fr/Services/services_a_letranger/participa...

German: https://diplomatie.belgium.be/de/dienste/dienste_im_ausland/wahlen