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Identity card applications in London

What do I need to do?

Since 11th of June 2021, every new eID request has to be done in person at the embassy. It is compulsory to book an appointment via our online appointment systemYou will not be allowed to enter the Embassy without an appointment.

  1. You must be registered with this Embassy.

  2. You must complete the application form either in Dutch or in French.

  3. If you wish to receive the new identity card by post you should bring a stamped (1st or 2nd class) envelope addressed to yourself (for the compulsory transmission of the activation codes of your identity card) and a stamped Special Delivery envelope addressed to yourself for the transmission of your eID

  4. The processing time to obtain a new identity card is around 6 weeks.

  5. An id-card costs £17.60, is valid for 10 years and is issued to adults and children over the age of 12 (the ID card is valid for 6 years for children between the age of 12 and 18).

  6. If  you wish to securely identify yourself via the internet, please select this option on the application form. However, it will require you to make an appointment via our online appointment system and collect the identity card in person. Do not forget to bring along your activation codes. The Embassy will then activate the certificates on your identity card.

  7. For information about a Kids-ID (identity card for children under the age of 12), please click here.