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Consular attestations

Consular attestations in London

  1. Available attestations
  2. Available languages
  3. Fees
  4. How to apply for an attestation?
  5. e-attestations


1. Available attestations

All certificates contain the following information: surname, first name, place and date of birth. The different attestations are:

Attestation of registration
Date of your registration in the Consular register and your current address.

Attestation of nationality
Since when and how you became a Belgian national.

Attestation of residence
Proof of your address

Attestation of family composition
List of all the people living at your address. Belgian nationals have to be registered with the Embassy and non-Belgian nationals need to provide us a proof of address.

Attestation of possession of a Belgian passport, travel or identity document
Proof that you are in possession of a travel/identity document, number of the document, place and date of delivery.

Attestation of concordance of name
Please include evidence (for example foreign passport, birth certificate) which shows that your name according to Belgian law does not match your name under foreign law.

Attestation of civil status
This attestation mentions  your civil status and where relevant the date of modification/name of spouse/partner. Please indicate for which purpose it is required and which authority has requested it. This attestation cannot be issued for the purpose of contracting a marriage. For a marriage, see extract of national register.

Extract of national register
This attestation mentions: Your national register number, Sex, Current address, Nationality, Filiation, Civil status, Your passport details, Your ID card details. This is the attestation you will receive in case of marriage.

2. Available languages

Attestations can (only) be issued in Dutch, French or German.

If you need to translate this document, you can contact a UK-based translator registered with the Chartered Institute of Translators (www.iol.org.uk) or Institute of Translation and Interpreting (www.iti.org.uk).

3. Fees

Each attestation costs £18. It is not possible to combine any of the above attestations in one single attestation. For example, if you require an attestation of residence and nationality, it will be two separate attestations and the cost will be two times £18.

4. How to apply for an attestation?

You need to be registered with the Embassy.

You can apply for an attestation by post only to:

Population department
Belgian Embassy 
17, Grosvenor Crescent
London SW1X 7EE

Please provide us with following documents:

  • A postal order for £18
  • A pre-paid self-addressed envelope. The attestation will then be sent to you by post.
  • A written and signed request indicating the certificate you request for and in which language.
  • A photocopy of your ID card or passport.

5. e-attestations

You can download and print attestations for free via our electronic platform :

These certificates are only accepted in Belgium (example: to open a bank account in Belgium).