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Dear Visitor,

Please find on the left all consular services offered to Belgians in the UK.

From now on you must make an APPOINTMENT for any form of consular service. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access the Embassy without an appointment!

We ask you to arrive on time for your appointment.

We would like to also draw your attention to some COVID-19 rules that are in place when visiting our Embassy:

  1. If you have been unwell during the past two weeks or displayed some disease symptoms, we ask you not to visit the Embassy. This also applies if you live with someone who is ill or who has recently had contact with someone who had COVID-19 complaints.
  2. Please check your temperature before coming to our premises.
  3. Please wear a mouth mask at all times, needless to say you may remove it temporarily if a picture needs to be taken.
  4. When entering the premises, please wash your hands with your own sanitizing gel or with the gel made available to you.
  5. For your own security access to the waiting room is strictly limited to those whom the procedure concerns. If they are a minor or disabled, only one person may accompany them: father, mother, guardian or social worker for a minor, family member, friend or social worker for a person with a disability.
  6. You are kindly requested to bring your own pen. 
  7. Please respect the timing of your appointment slot. The Embassy, for security and health reasons, reserves the right to ask you to wait outside the Embassy premises.

Thank you for your cooperation!