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Below is a list of UK events with a Belgian touch which are taking place in the coming months.

2 October - 2 April 2018

Exhibition 'Reflections: Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites' at the National Gallery London. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/reflections-van-...

2 November - 10 December

French Film Festival UK, with Belgian productions: 

“This is our land”: Screening + Q&A with film director Lucas Belvaux in Edinburgh (18/11) - http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/film-screening-directors-this-is-our-l... and Glasgow (19/11) - http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/film-screening-directors-this-is-our-l...

“Lost in Paris”: Screening + Q&A with film directors Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel in Aberdeen (23/11) - http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/film-screening-lost-in-paris-french-fi... and in Edinburgh (24/11) - http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/film-screening-lost-in-paris-french-fi...http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/film-screening-lost-in-paris-french-fi...

7 November

Kindling of the Torch ceremony at Westminster Abbey, 6pm.

8 - 12 November

The Brussels Philharmonic on UK tour in London, Gateshead, Sheffield and Edinburgh. http://www.brusselsphilharmonic.be/en/concerts/calendar/event-detail/on-...

11 & 12 November

'Ooups' by Cie Jordi L. Vidal at 'Voilà! Europe Festival'.  http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/ooups-circus-urban-culture-show-voila-... &  http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/ooups-voila-festival-cockpit-london/

13 - 19 November

South Ken Kids Festival, Live drawing with Kitty Crowther

16/11  Kitty Crowther’s workshop at the Children’s book show. http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/the-childrens-book-show-meeting-kitty-...

18/11  Kitty Crowther’s workshop at the French Institute. http://www.becultural.co.uk/event/south-ken-kids-festival-workshop-with-...

22 November

Seminar by Dr Christophe Declercq on the settlement and treatment of Belgian refugees in France, the Netherlands, England and Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, 5.15pm. https://www.ed.ac.uk/literatures-languages-cultures/delc/events


ABS: Anglo-Belgian Society - www.anglobelgiansociety.com
BLCC: Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce - www.blcc.co.uk
VIS: Vlamingen in Surrey - www.vlamingeninsurrey.co.uk
VCL: Vlaamse Club Londen - www.vlaamseclublonden.com